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How to use command line on macOS

Lucas Caton

Lucas Caton


A friend of mine (who used to use Windows) has bought a Mac recently and he asked me how to use the command line on macOS:

My answer was:

  • 99% of commands are identical in Linux. This is good news as there are a lot of material about it available on the Internet;
  • from macOS is cool, but it's not perfect. I (and 90% of developers I know) use iTerm2 ( It's light (3mb), free, open-source, has a better interface than the native one and it rocks! Best terminal I've ever used.
  • This is the most useful topic in my answer: an awesome cheat-sheet with command line commands made by the Git-tower team;
  • To finish: I've recorded a screencast (in Portuguese) explaining how to create scripts on macOS and Linux (similar to BAT files on Windows).:

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